JP Morgan Lists Creating a World without Poverty on Annual Summer Reading List


JPMorgan named Creating a World without Poverty to its annual summer reading list. A committee of JPMorgan advisors from around the world reviewed over 450 works of non-fiction to determine this year’s list. The final 10 books were selected based on the quality of the content, the timeliness of the appeal and the expertise of the authors. See the full list.

3 Responses to “JP Morgan Lists Creating a World without Poverty on Annual Summer Reading List”

  1. Devin Says:

    After reading the book Deep Thinking the Human Condition: New Ideas We Can’t Do Without, it would seem that the lofty goal of “creating a world without povery” is a pipe dream that cannot be realized under conventional wisdom. The book includes all the issues that none of the books on the JP Morgan list probably do not address. How do I know? Because I’ve never heard about much of what is in this one book, and I’ve read a lot! This book is a must read for anyone serious about ending poverty.

  2. Kevin Gormley Says:

    Creating a World Without Poverty is an inspiring book. I had the great opportunity to hear Dr. Yunus speak. He was so humble, yet profound. The example in the book about Grameen Danone was wonderful – jobs are created, children are being fed.

    I highly recommend the book!

    [By the way, Grameen Foundation did an amazing job coordinating the book tour and public speaking events for Dr. Yunus.]

    This book and meeting Dr. Yunus helped inspire me to start my own social business and to network with other social businesses.

    Kevin Gormley

  3. takeback Says:

    JP Morgan prevented the spread of free energy to every human on the planet. JP Morgan could have been the hero this species needs. instead his greed continues to force less fortunate into poverty. boycott JP Morgan and demand from them all the pattens they have bought to put free energy into submission. learn about what jp morgan did to nikola tesla. these guys are the enemy. everything we need to thrive as humans is all around us free of charge. Why then do we feel the need to support groups like jp morgan who stand in the way of progression for profit? in the financial world its not viable if its not profitable. for a one time 2 million dollar construction plan, nikola tesla promised free energy to the entire world. his inventions shape our lives today. tesla died in poverty while the elite become rich off of his inventions which he designed only for the promotion of the human species. if the world gets choked out by fossil fuels let it be known that jp morgan killed the human race.

    yours truely, one pissed off human living in poverty

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