Devastation in Haiti


By Kay Hixson, Director of Marketing and Communications, Grameen Foundation

A woman squeezes out of a collapsed house in Narette zone of  Port Au Prince, Haiti. Photo by Ben Depp 1/12/2010

Photo by Ben Depp.

As the hours wear on, we see more and more of the destruction. We just got these photos in today from our partners on the ground in Haiti. It is unimaginable that so many people have perished, but our spirits are lifted when we see heroic acts, people helping each other, and many risking their lives to help save their neighbors. We give a small sigh of relief every time we get a short text message saying “we found someone and they are OK.”

Photo by Ben Depp.

There’s much to be done, short and long term. One way to start is by adding your comment to this blog. We’ll send them to the people of Haiti through our partners and friends in Haiti. You will probably never see the smiles you generate on the face of some weary, displaced Haitian or an exhausted relief worker. But it just might be the boost they need to keep going. I hope you will join us with a comment, and donate if you can.

men carry a body

Photo by Ben Depp.

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21 Responses to “Devastation in Haiti”

  1. Colleen Llywelyn Says:

    All of you know we are here for you and there is much love and generosity in the hearts of Americans.

  2. Alayne Sampson Says:

    I am grateful to know that there are so many people pouring in, from around the world, to assist this poor island nation after the devastation. I hope Grameen, and its partner Fonkoze, can continue to keep us informed of the activities on the ground so we back at home can continue to raise support. Blessings to everyone down there working in the relief effort.

  3. chris Says:

    Sending much love and light to all. Hang in there. Om Mani Padme Hum. Good luck and best wishes.

  4. Lindsey Says:

    Thank you for representing the international community in Haiti. Continue to push on and know that we all support you in many different ways. Peace and best wishes.

  5. Charles Moses Says:

    GF and its bottom-up micro financing model is helping to resolve the on-going debate between growth and development. Growth is “anything goes” economic activity that often displaces, enriches elites and the craven, and does little to substantively change the economic prospects of the many. “Development” can be community-driven, highly reciprocal and add real value to communities. It nurtures and doesn’t displace.

    As the world moves forward to help the people of Haiti, let’s support GF. It understands how to truely help people to help themselves.

  6. Gale Madyun Says:

    We’re very grateful for the outpouring of generosity of spirit your difficult work represents. Thank you for the very important work as the world community joins forces in prayer and spirit.

  7. Brenda Tobe Says:

    The tragedy that you are faced with must seem insurmountable. I can only encourage you to persevere, knowing that we and others throughout the world will do what we can to help. God has the power and will delliver. We see pictures of your amazing spirit and the resilience that you are showing, and we know that you will overcome this.

  8. Pat Wheeler Says:

    It is time like these where we see the true meaning of “love they neighbor” put to the test. Thank God for organizations like yours and others who are committed to helping the less fortunate. The pictures are indeed grim coming out of Haiti, but the stories of sacrifice ad heroism are also coming from Haiti. So while the big story is the horrible devestation, I hope we will continue the hear and see the stories of those small victories that are so needed in times like these.

  9. Norma Johnson Says:

    My prayers are with the people of Haiti and all of the people who are trying to help them. My tears are flowing as I watch the devastation I know everyone is doing what they can. Thank God for orgainzations like this one and others that are sending people there and I pray for their safety.

  10. Ann Chanin Says:

    The world is watching, hurting and praying for you all. “As you have done unto the least of these…” Your courage is an inspiration.

  11. Joanne Says:

    “Lift up thine eyes unto the hills….from when cometh my strength.” If the power of prayer is to be believed, millions and millions of citizens on this earth are focusing all of their prayer power toward Haiti. Know that you are not alone and not forgotten.

  12. sharon woodson-bryant Says:

    With God all things are possible. Our prayers are sending love, strength and the power to overcome all circumstances. Peace of the Lord be with you and your spirit.

  13. Sherry Angel Says:

    The image that stays with me as I follow the news of the devastation in Haiti is that of people singing and clapping. How can this be? In the midst of so much loss, people are singing! I want you to know that your courageous spirit is inspiring people everywhere. Please remember that you are not alone. The whole world is with you.

  14. Mary Ann Zimmerman Says:

    My connections to Haiti are indirect but strong and enduring. My prayers, thoughts and support for the people of and in Haiti, your families, and friends at this time of need are unwaivering. As others have said, you are not alone. Your strength and courage inspire us all.

    • judyera taroc Says:

      were very proud that you have so much concern to Haiti ,our prayers for your support,your families and were continue to pray for your strength,courage,your brave and a blessing to everyone in Haiti

  15. Barbara Santos Says:

    Our brothers and sisters, my prayers and support are with you that during this dark hour the love and peace of God will sustain you. “I will lift my eyes to the hills from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2

  16. Richard O. Nemec Says:

    Today, we are all Haitians in spirit, heart and soul. A terrible tragedy for a people and nation that have known much sorrow, nevertheless all of humanity has been humbled, all are touched, and all pray for Haiti’s resurrection. We send you all we have — our love of all that is human and good!

  17. michaelmfc Says:

    In the weeks and months to come the Haitian earthquake will slowly fade away. The news organizations will leave and move on to the next “story”. We will feel good that we contributed what we could, and then we will quickly shift our attention back to our own busy lives. But in Haiti the horror will still be unfolding. Without homes or jobs, with family members dead and dying, with the country in ruins, they will struggle just to stay alive. We need to make a long term commitment to those whose lives have been decimated. The best way to help would be to make a monthly contribution to an organization that is committed to helping Haiti long after the TV cameras are gone. With a steady flow of aid, instead of just an influx of money at the time of a disaster, we can help raise their standard of living. This in turn will help them withstand the next crisis without such a staggering loss of life.

  18. Staley's - New Mexico Says:

    You’re a truly a blessing from God! there are not enough words in Webster Dictionary to said how proud we are to how much you give from the Heart. “GOD BLESS AND BE SAFE”

  19. Benita, Bob & Beatriz Says:

    Our continuing prayers to all Haitians, deepest sympathies to the families who lost their loved ones, blessings to the people who unconditionally continue to support and lend a helping hand to this devastation. It is true that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, and even with this kind of devastation.. GOD WILL PROVIDE AND MIRACLES WILL SOON HAPPEN for the betterment of the people in Haiti. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  20. Lauri Bourgeois Says:

    I cannot imagine the toll you are enduring. But you are a proud people, with incredible strength! Please kmow that there are so many of us out here with thoughts, and prayers for those of you that have suffered so much loss. We believe that you will rise above it all. May you, in some way, feel our love and embrace a heartfelt hug sent as encouragement and a ray of sunshine in, what must seem like an eternity of doom. Hang tough!

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