GF President Alex Counts: Help Haiti Rebuild


GF President Alex Counts talks about next steps for Haiti and how to help the relief effort.

3 Responses to “GF President Alex Counts: Help Haiti Rebuild”

  1. R. Wright Says:

    I am standing in faith and in prayer with the people of Haiti, that the world will take the call to help them in this great time of need. God’s comfort and peace be with each person that has lost a loved one and has been injured themselves. This is a dark time but the light always finds its way into darkness. Amen.

  2. gabrielraju Says:

    i gabriel raju with deep regrets to donate some pay pal to haitians from holyfamilyvolunteers routhulapudi,but unfortunatly i dont know how to remmit ,as we dont have master card, kindly let us know.


  3. Robert Rogers, Esq. Says:

    I am glad to see the Grameen Foundation helping out here. Now the world has a great opportunity to demonstrate our ability to bond together overcome a great tragedy. I look forward to seeing updates.

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