Your Vote Can Help End Poverty


Darwin Cruz is Online Communications Officer for Grameen Foundation.

In the face of some staggering statistics concerning global poverty, it’s easy to feel like the problem is so huge, and that we can’t make a difference. What could one person do?

When people want to take action and support Grameen Foundation, we offer opportunities to volunteer your time or donate your resources. While those are still great options, for the next 12 weeks, even just a few minutes of your time could make a world of a difference for people living in poverty. We’re excited to participate in Members Project® from American Express and Take Part where we are eligible to win $200,000 to help us fight poverty. However, we need your help to vote for us and spread the word to your networks.

Help us with these four things, and you’ll be taking a small but meaningful step towards creating a world without poverty.

  1. Vote for Grameen Foundation today (under Community Development), and come back every week (over 12 weeks) to vote again. Download this calendar event as a reminder.
  2. Use the SHARE option after you vote to encourage your friends on Facebook and Twitter to vote, too!
  3. Email your friends telling them why you care about poverty, and ask them to vote every week. You can use this email form.
  4. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get our updates, and share them with your networks.

Since 1997, we’ve worked with local organizations on the ground to empower more than 45 million people to escape poverty and improve their lives. We use microfinance and technology in tandem to find new ways to reach the one billion people living on less than a $1 a day. Your vote will help us continue this impactful work.

We’ll have some exciting posts detailing the work we’re doing around the world in coming weeks. We hope to connect you with the stories from field and share our successes and lessons learned. Stay tuned and thank you for your support!

If you’d like to be more involved and would like to help us promote this contest along with other initiatives online, you should apply for our Digital Street Team. Email with why you want to be involved.

3 Responses to “Your Vote Can Help End Poverty”

  1. KENYA: HIV carries moral stigma – report | I Infections Says:

    […] Your Vote Can Help End Poverty « Creating a World Without Poverty […]

  2. Masud Hassan Says:

    Dear sir
    It`s a great mission .Carry on for the ill luck people of the World.

  3. John Kilonzi Says:

    Civic Action for Sustainable Development (CASD) a soon to be registered National Charitable Organization in Kenya, We attest to the fact that the process of empowering the poor and marginal sections is by these sections to express their own analysis and strategies to overcome their powerlessness and poverty. We are seeking partnerships as we set up our secretariat in Nairobi. You can contact us to get a detailed information on our programs

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