MIX Promotes Double Bottom-Line Practices, Integrates Social Performance Data


Preeti Wali is Communications Officer for Grameen Foundation’s Social Performance Management Center


The Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX) has acted as a real champion for social performance in past years as a data warehouse for microfinance institutions. They have helped lead the industry effort to create a set of social indicators through theSocial Performance Task Force and have just recently revised the list.

We’re very excited to help spread the word that the MIX has just recently updated its online platform to display social performance data for MFIs along with its financial performance information. We commend the MIX for its efforts and are pleased to see that it continues to innovate and promote effective double-bottom line practices.  MFIs using the PPI and reporting to the MIX are integrated into this new display and in the coming months we hope to announce how the MIX will indicate PPI Certified institutions in the new display.

Read more about the exciting new developments at MIX concerning social performance management visit MIX’s Social Performance Resource Center:


Read the full release on the new display in English, Spanish, and French:




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