Collaborating to improve productivity and the quality of life in Colombia


Mobile phones can transform the way rural farmers in developing countries get information to better manage their crops and animals. Today, Grameen Foundation announced a new collaboration with MasterCard Worldwide that will develop new mobile applications for rural farmers in Colombia.

With these solutions, a smallholder farmer will be able to know the specific prices for his crops and the best weather conditions for planting and harvesting, without even having to leave his land.

The pilot will start in Urabá and Santa Marta, areas that were hard hit by Colombia’s internal conflicts. Over the next year, we will begin using research that was conducted earlier to test applications that will enable farmers to access information more easily and provide the organizations that serve them with tools to do so more effectively.

In addition, we will be tapping volunteers from MasterCard to work on this project and other global initiatives through Bankers Without Borders®, Grameen Foundation’s volunteer program.

Listen to Alberto Solano, Grameen Foundation’s regional CEO for Latin America and the Caribbean, discuss this initiative.

Read more at the MasterCard Worldwide blog.

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2 Responses to “Collaborating to improve productivity and the quality of life in Colombia”

  1. Claudia Brauer Says:

    Thank you Grameen Foundation and thank you Bankers Without Borders for bringing Grameen’s initiatives to Colombia. I strongly believe that if we join forces we can truly help change the situation for many people in Colombia, one person at a time. I hope that many people in the region sign of for volunteering with BwB, because it is a real way to contribute to one’s causes. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this fabulous team!

  2. Says:

    Quiero formar parte de la Fundacion Grameen para ayudar a la gente de escasos recursos. Tengo ese sueno hace mucho tiempo y lo quiero ver cumplido. Que tengo que hacer?

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