Through the Eyes of a Child: A Visit to the Dominican Republic


Along with several Grameen Foundation staff, the McCall Family – Jordan, Sarah, Ben, and Molly – flew to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to visit one of Grameen Foundation’s local Microfinance Institutions, Esperanza. This is an excerpt from Molly’s journal she wrote for school about her experience in the Dominican Republic.

Molly’s school journal describing her experiences in Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic

October 5, 2010
At 1:30 pm our friends picked us up to go to the airport. First we flew to Dallas, Texas. We landed in Dallas at 9:30 pm. We spent the night at a Holiday Inn.

October 6, 2010

We had to wake up at 2:30 am! We drove to the airport with some funny old ladies who laughed and snorted. Our plan got to Miami, Florida at 9:45 am. At 10:45 am we left for Santo Domingo. We touched down at Santo Domingo at 1:45 pm. Then we went to our hotel and ate lunch. Factoid: every day in Santo Domingo it rains around 3 pm. Then we took some nice long naps. Next, we watched TV. Finally we went out to dinner with a group of people.

October 7, 2010

First we went on a bus to a bank meeting. Then we saw pigs. The owner of the pigs sells them for pesos. Next, we went to a clinic where people get help when they are sick. After that we went to a bank office and ate lunch. I liked the rice. After lunch, we went to a colmado which is like a little convenience store. Women borrow money from Esperanza to open them. Later we went to another colmado and a place that sold fried chicken. Then we went home. Then we went to dinner at an old colonial restaurant.


Molly and her brother, Ben, in front of a home in Santo Domingo


October 8, 2010

First we had breakfast at our hotel. Next we went to a bank meeting where people talked about how they came to Esperanza. It took place in someone’s front yard at a coastal town. People deposit money at the bank meeting for their businesses. One woman sold shoes, another sold coffee and tea. Then we went to lunch because we were a half hour off schedule. That took place at an Esperanza office. I had rice and a salad. After that we went on a cool water purifying tour. It was very fun although very hot. In the afternoon we went on a tour of the colonial district in downtown Santo Domingo. There were a lot of pigeons there. We visited the place where heroes are buried. Finally we went to dinner at a magical place on the water. 

October 12, 2010

First we packed up everything because we leave Santo Domingo today. Next we had breakfast at our hotel. I had pancakes and watermelon. I was going to have toast too but daddy knocked it off my plate so I couldn’t eat it. Then we watched TV in Spanish. I can’t believe how often they have advertisements. After that Maximo took us to the airport where we flew to Miami. After the flight we found our hotel and ate dinner. After dinner we wanted to go in the pool but it was too cold. So we took baths and watched TV. Finally we went to bed.

October 13, 2010

First we took a shuttle to the airport. Surprisingly there were other people on it because it was very early. Next we ate breakfast at the airport. I had a banana. It tasted good. Then we boarded the plane for a six hour flight. On the plane I slept and watched some movies on the rental DVD players. We landed in Seattle at about 12:15. HOME SWEET HOME.


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