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Compelling Returns:Socially Responsible Investing

December 9, 2008

Scott Budde is Managing Director of Global Social and Community Investing at TIAA-CREF

As head of TIAA-CREF’s Global Social and Community Investing Department I often interact with TIAA-CREF clients interested in Socially Responsible Investing strategies.  I wrote the book mainly to help people realize that there are multiple SRI strategies. I wanted to give clear outlines of how those strategies work-even for individuals- and show that it is possible to achieve competitive returns from various SRI strategies while also generating some positive social impact.  In addition, it is helpful for investors to realize that their motivations for considering SRI strategies will likely affect strategies they use for their own investment portfolios.  The main themes of the book are based on our three distinct yet complementary SRI strategies: socially screened investment options that enable investors to align their portfolios with their values; shareholder advocacy through the global promotion of sound corporate governance practices; and community investing to help meet specific local needs. We believe this integrated approach to SRI can produce positive investment results over the long term, helping us pursue a “double bottom line” of both competitive returns and social benefits.