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10 Ways to Improve Savings Products for the Ultra-Poor

May 31, 2013

The following post was created from a new case study written by researchers at Grameen Foundation India and edited by Kimberly Davies.
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The poor need access to financial services to create diversified and reliable sources of livelihood, which help them move out of poverty. As an industry, microfinance, however, has found it difficult to reach the very poorest. The Livelihood Pathways for the Poorest project, which is jointly implemented in Gaya District, Bihar, India by the Grameen Foundation and the Livelihood School (part of BASIX group of companies), aimed to pilot a program that could fill the wide gap in services to the ultra-poor.

You can now read the findings of this project in our newest white paper, Solutions for the Poorest: Insights on Savings Behavior of Clients. This paper offers insights on savings behavior that are both layered and deep. We have classified these insights into three categories: program level, group level, and client level insights. Among those categories, here are the ten factors we discovered that had the greatest impact…

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