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A Mission to Invest in People

February 23, 2009

by Ging Ledesma, Manager, Monitoring and Administration Unit of Oikocredit’s Department of Credit Operations

Oikocredit has been in the field of social investment for 34 years with a mission to invest in people. Empowerment of the poor, the alleviation of poverty and the creation of a more just society are at our core and for those reasons, it’s essential we measure how our work impacts lives. It’s complicated, but it’s certainly not impossible.


One Million Cell Phone Challenge

February 18, 2009

by Brian Weinberg, Director, Recycle to Eradicate Poverty

Brian visiting local water well

Brian Weinberg (left)

Each of us has a unique set of convictions to pursue.  My own fell into place unexpectedly, after I read a Fortune Magazine article highlighting Dr. Muhammad Yunus’s vision to “put poverty into the museums.”

I had just arrived home, after studying Spanish in Buenos Aires and trekking 2,858 miles (4600km) alone throughout South America. Reading this article summoned the mental snapshots of several “Shanty Towns” from my recent trip, inspiring a personal call to action.